Adrian D wrote: 
> I'm asking as to get it working I had to use my 'admin' account for the
> NAS, but I'd rather in the future use a specific account that can access
> just my music folder.  I don't want to have to go through the whole
> installation process again, so before I start messing I'd like to close
> the SD card and use the copy to fiddle with in case the problem
> reoccurs.

On my Synology I've used both NFS and Samba.....but I use Samba.  On
your Synology NAS, create your Shared Folder, turn on Samba(SMB) and
then give specific user Read/Write access to the Share.  

Then in pCP, Your mount line should look like this if you want
read/write access.   (User=1 and Pass=1 would be a guest ownership, or
replace that with your user specific user credentials)


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