soundcheck wrote: 
> RTFM. ;)
> The Mojo supports DOP only according to the manual!

I think you are right! - it was this post by Mojo creator Rob Watts that
led me to believe it could handle native DSD (Post #35137):

"Just to clear things up, as there are two terms for "native" DSD. DoP
is -native- DSD, in that it is a protocol to transmit pure one bit
-native- DSD. -Native- DSD is just the original DSD data completely

But native (no italics on native) DSD transmission is an ASIO USB
protocol where the- native- DSD is transmitted with only the DSD data -
no DoP headers, no 0 bit packing. Since only the data is transmitted, it
is much more efficient - and it is the only way to transmit DSD512 on

Chord DAC's can receive both protocols: native ASIO for -native- DSD and
DoP for -native- DSD. To transmit DSD512 you must use the ASIO drivers
in native (i.e. not DoP) mode.

Yes I know it is confusing."

So i guess i have to select "Standard Squeezelite Binary" instead of
"Squeezelite with DSD (DoP or native) patches"?

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