SBFan wrote: 
> Thanks for your help!, next time i go shopping for a DAC i will choose
> one that does native DSD.

I don't consider DOP vs. NATIVE the key issue. Not sure if anybody
requires more then DSD128.

The key question IMO is if the DAC is a true-DSD DAC!!

DACs like e.g. Topping D50 support DSD-native. However. There's a Sabre
DAC chip inside. And these Sabre chips are not true-DSD DACs from what I

The main issue that comes with true-DSD DACs though is the lack of
digital volume control. You'd need a VC in the analog domain. 
Sabre based DSD DACs offer digital volume control though.

I guess. There'll always be a catch at one point. ;)


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