SBFan wrote: 
> I tried with the -D switch in the "Various Options" field, and now
> everything plays at 44.1Khz according to Mojos sample rate indicator.

SBFan wrote: 
> That Audiophonics look interesting

DSD64-DOP=176k4  DSD128-DOP=352k8 and Mojo shows 44.1?

Did you have a look what goes out from the PI towards the DAC? Below
command executed during playback will do:
cat /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params

I'll checkout DOP on pCP3.5 myself over the weekend. And I'll also add a
section about DOP to my DSD-native blog article. 


SBFan wrote: 
> That Audiophonics look interesting

Yep. On the first glance. 

1. They don't have a driver in the kernel tree. To me. That's a No-Go.
They do offer a driver that you can build yourself. That's what I did.
Good luck with that! ;)
2. IMO it's not the best in class implementation of that DAC chip. 90%
of the perceived soundquality is generated by the surroundings of a DAC
chip. Nothing more to say.

Soon there'll be a Sabre 9038 HAT from Allo that'll potentially shuffle
the market. We'll see. ;)

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