soundcheck wrote: 
> Perfect. Well done.
> Everything looks OK.
> DSD64-DOP and DSD128-DOP look as expected.
> DSD256-DOP is not supported. It requires a bandwidth of 705600Hz. I'm
> not sure if this can be enabled - e.g by a patch.
> DSD256-native would work on a capable DAC. As I said. DSD native
> requires just half the bandwitdh.
> Alsa thinks your DOP stream is a PCM stream.
> S32_LE just means 32bit transfer. Most USB DACs get zero-padded 32bit
> data.  
> The DAC will cut off the 8 0-bits if required. 
> Enjoy. Case closed.

Thanks for your help!, next time i go shopping for a DAC i will choose
one that does native DSD.

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