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> > an image is an image is an image, whether it is png, bitmap, jpg or svg, 
> > the fact that is is a "widget" is secondary to the use case.
> sez Bob Sneidar <bobsnei...@iotecdigital.com>:
> au contraire. Not all images are the same. Support for each kind of image has 
> to be implemented. If the industry developed a new kind of image, LC would be 
> faced with incorporating that format. 

It's true that *under the hood*, LC must handle each distinct 'flavor' of image 
differently. But why should *the user* be concerned about whether a given image 
is vector or raster or RLE or what?

Consider: Numbers can be signed, unsigned, integer, or real, and the engine's 
internal workings must handle each of those 'flavors' of number differently. 
But in spite of those internal differences, *the expression "VarX + VarY" 
ALWAYS just works, REGARDLESS of which flavors of number VarX and VarY happen 
to be*.

As far as *the user* is concerned, a number is a number is a number, and it 
*doesn't matter* whether a number happens to be real or integer or what. Why 
can't an image be an image be an image, *regardless* of whether an image 
happens to be JPG or bitmap or what?

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