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In general I try to "go to TOWN": Touch Only What's Needed.

If I don't need to create an object I probably won't, adjusting an existing object instead. It only saves one step, but its a savings just the same.

If you're committed to a script-only stack there's no decision to make: every control must be instantiated dynamically, because a script-only stack contains the stack script only, no objects.

Well, not quite "every control".

You could :
 - if the relevant template control/group exists - copy it
 - if not, create it dynamically, and then copy it

This way
 - the stack can be script-only
 - most instantiations take minimal time

Which reminds me: before I run off an spend an afternoon writing one, has anyone here written a tool that reads a stack laid out with objects and produces the script needed to recreate it from a script-only stack?

Seems tedious to write, but less tedious than writing instantiation code for every property of every object of every card of every stack I might make script-only.

Haven't done it - but I really should have done by now :-)

-- Alex.

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