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I don't understand. A script-only stack contain no objects, so even if you later copy them, they still need to be dynamically instantiated at some point, no?

Like a Zen koan: how can there be a binary object where there is no binary object?

Hmmm - we're probably heading off into the weeds here ....

The script-only stack is used as a behaviour for controls within another stack - so it can copt hose controls without them bieng binary objects within the scrip-only stack.


The script-only stack creates a set of objects the first time it is used (creating the template group). Subsequent uses of the script (in the same context) will (at most) copy that template group - so yes they are being created - but with minimal work because it's doing a copy rather than "create and then set lots of properties".

So not quite as much saving in the second case - but still less work than creating and setting lots of properties for the controls.


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