Alex Tweedly wrote:

> On 08/06/2017 22:37, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>> Alex Tweedly wrote:
>> > On 08/06/2017 20:20, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> >> If you're committed to a script-only stack there's no decision to
>> >> make: every control must be instantiated dynamically, because a
>> >> script-only stack contains the stack script only, no objects.
>> >>
>> > Well, not quite "every control".
>> >
>> > You could :
>> >   - if the relevant template control/group exists - copy it
>> >   - if not, create it dynamically, and then copy it
>> >
>> > This way
>> >   - the stack can be script-only
>> >   - most instantiations take minimal time
>> True, to the degree that your app uses non-script-only stacks, you
>> won't need to do everything in script only. :)
> No, I'm actually doing this all within a script-only stack.
> It's a behaviour stack, which is used as a behaviour attached to
> groups in the main app stack (which could be binary or script-only).
> The behaviour is defined to create controls (actually, groups) as
> requested by the main stack - which basically sets up a list of needed
> controls, and then calls a handler in the behaviour.
> So something vaguely like ....
> on preOpenCard
>    settheEditingMode ofgrp"grp1"ofmetoFALSE
> settheSpec ofgrp"grp1"ofmetogSpec
> dispatch"buildGroup"togrp"grp1"
> ...
> and within 'buildgroup' it does the
>   check for the template group existing, create it (from an internal
> default set of properties) if needed
> This also (I think) allows for the app stack to pre-define the
> template groups ahead of time, thereby pre-empting the creation of the
> groups within the behaviour stack. Haven't actually done that yet, or
> fully considered the problems doing so will create - but it's a
> loophole I'm leaving myself in case I need it :-)

I don't understand. A script-only stack contain no objects, so even if you later copy them, they still need to be dynamically instantiated at some point, no?

Like a Zen koan: how can there be a binary object where there is no binary object?

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