OK well, continued working on this

first: the resizeControl thing did not work out at all because it depends on 
the user resizing the stack.

using that same handler but with "send" breaks everything because if you set 
the rect of the main enclosing object then the rect of the group "me" start to 
change because the child objects are our side, so sending a 4 values as a rect 
to the group with the "resizeControl" with reference to "me" starte production 
very odd results.

So it seems more "rock solid" and less "snakey" just to use the largest 
enclosing object at the bottom of the group as the reference coords. After that 
it's simple math and no caveats because you are establishing a "coordinate 
system" from the group with one object and reference everything from there, 
Suddenly it became very easy:

on updateMyRect pRect
   lock screen
   put the long ID of img "info-bkgnd-img" into tFrame
   set the rect of img "info-bkgnd-img" to pRect
   set the width of grc "info-field-bkgnd" to (the width of tFrame) * .87
   set the height of grc "info-field-bkgnd" to (the height of tFrame) * .87
   set the width of fld "info-text" to (the width of tFrame) * .80
   set the height of fld "info-text" to (the height of tFrame)  * .80
   set the loc of grc "info-field-bkgnd" to the loc of tFrame
   set the loc of  fld "info-text"  to the loc of tFrame
   set the right of widget "close-info" to (the right of grc "info-field-bkgnd" 
- 4)
   set the top   of widget "close-info" to the top of grc "info-field-bkgnd" + 
   unlock screen
end updateMyRect

As for instantiation. We *do* use binary stacks as "views" so… just as we use a 
card to hold icons for buttons, that the user never sees.. so why not keep 
group controls in a stack and copy them… reserve the "dynamic creation from 
script" for a use case where this is your only option. or you *really* need to 
collaborate and want that all as text for GIT.

so, then the last question is… where do you store the grouped controls… I guess 
you need a lib_template.livecode or something like that…. as long as it is in 
the stack files you will end up opening it as soon as you all it, the copy your 
assets out as needed ot the "current" GUI that needs them.  

still fishing… but getting there…


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    If I don't need to create an object I probably won't, adjusting an 
    existing object instead.  It only saves one step, but its a savings just 
    the same.

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