Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

> @ Richard
> 1) Again, all very nice theory
> Viz-a-viz my lament… "where are all the examples, sample code" We all
> don't live it the stratosphere of visionary LiveCode architecture like
> you doi. -☺

I'm relatively late to mobile development, actually. I have two mobile apps in development, while many others here have shipped a great many apps for many years.

I just read their notes here, and the docs, and experiment with what I read.

> Can you post sample stacks with your resize handlers?

I don't have sample stacks, only production stacks.

I suppose I could produce some, but with so many people already shipping so many mobile apps it hadn't occurred to me they'd be needed.

If there's enough demand I'd be happy to consider a proposal for creating and documenting sample tutorial stacks.

> 2) I like everything you are describing but I don't get this:
> "resizeControl"  is never triggered if the resizeStack is "dormant"
> that was my last "problem"  … so, how are we "trigger" the resizeStack
> to "fire" when any stack is opened… even if the size doesn't change.
> a) if a stack is 414 X 736, and opens on a device that is 414 X 736
> with full screen mode set to showAll… is the resizeStack handler
> fired?

Supporting your interest in avoiding theory, I'm compelled to ask: what happened when you tried it?

> b) how can we emulate this on the desktop during development if all
> your stacks are fixed size on the desktop and for deployment to
> mobile?

By default the engine creates a new stack as resizable.

Just leave it that way and you get what every web developer enjoys for testing responsive design: resize the stack and see that its contents are moving where you want them.

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