Yes, I did try. and certainly any manual resizing fires the resize msgs as 

But the interest was, initially, to get the resizeControl to fire from script. 
As resizeable it off of all stacks -- deliberately so team does not 
inadvertently break their rect with the slip of a drag/save.

I was "pedal to the metal" on reading the dictionary.  but later found

The resizeControl message is only sent when the user resizes a
control by dragging its handles. It is not sent if a
handler changes the size of a control by changing its
properties (width, height, and so on).

The resizeControl message is sent after the resizing is finished.
This means that you cannot prevent a control's size
from being changed by trapping this message.

Hence the need for  custom handler to do the work as these commands appear to 
be dedicated to an actual "physical" user interaction,

which makes sense from one point of view; 


set the rect of group "responsiveAboutBox"  to 50,50,400,760

also constitutes a "resize" event, so it would be "cool" if the resizecontrol 
msg were also handled.

But custom responsive handlers also work. The method I worked out: using a 
single object's (member of the group) rect as the base coordinate system for 
all siblings in the group, seems pretty straight forward. The idea being not 
just to have the control change on stack orientation shift or different device 
screen, but to change to a custom rect on demand… 

Anyone else have other methods/examples/sample stacks of responsive GUI?


On 6/12/17, 8:19 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of Richard Gaskin via 
use-livecode" < on behalf of> wrote:

    Supporting your interest in avoiding theory, I'm compelled to ask: what 
    happened when you tried it?
    > b) how can we emulate this on the desktop during development if all
    > your stacks are fixed size on the desktop and for deployment to
    > mobile?
    By default the engine creates a new stack as resizable.
    Just leave it that way and you get what every web developer enjoys for 
    testing responsive design: resize the stack and see that its contents 
    are moving where you want them.

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