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First question (an admittedly ignorant one, but I haven't spent much time in the CentOS community):  Why does their package manager not automatically keep system components current?

Second question: If the first question cannot be resolved easily, what is the advantage of CentOS for this project over Ubuntu or Debian?


The explanation that addresses your first question can be expressed in a very long-winded manner but also boiled down to this: It's RHEL's approach to enforcing stability. They and their clients are interested in a system that gives them no bad surprises. This takes into account the fact that many of those clients are using complicated proprietary software for critical tasks; commercial software and/or software developed in-house, which is expected to be fail-proof. There's is an obviously ultra-conservative approach, but you can't deny they've been successful at what they do :D CentOS naturally inherits the result of this philosophy.

The perception of extreme stability, along with the fact that it's one of only a very few OSs supported by cPanel, make CentOS very popular among hosting companies. All versions of RHEL and CentOS are supported for ten years which by design is to eliminate a disruption of services caused by forced upgrades. This sometimes leads to hosting companies running a version or two behind the latest, which can result in the problem Keith is encountering.

Keith has admitted he doesn't have a lot of knowledge and skills in Linux, so a managed VPS is a great solution for him. (I feel pretty much in that same boat. There are probably a lot of people trying to manage their own VPS who shouldn't be! Being well versed on maintaining a Linux desktop does not begin to address the skills and knowledge a server admin needs.) So, he's a little bit at the mercy of his hosting company. Of course the market is open and it's relatively easy to switch hosts. There are several distros that would qualify as reliable enough for server usage including a few that aren't as widely available as the more popular ones. Debian and Ubuntu are totally valid along with CentOS and those are probably the most widely available in hosting packages.


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