> This is largely due to unicode support in everything,
> as I understand it.

Nope, I think that was more of a prior assumption going in, and held onto despite test results to the contrary, than a conclusion derived from testing. :)

Some tests were designed to rule out the effects of text to the maximum extent possible, so slowdowns were almost certainly (or if so, should not be) the result of unicode. And some text features maintained or gained speed despite unicode. So whatever part it played, there's much more to the story.

As I say, tests are repeatable; there will be nothing left to difference of opinion or chance. I tested an RC of 902 with the same old slow results. Soon when I have a chance, I will test 902 final. Whenever an LC version comes along with significant improvements, I'll be all over it and make the tests extremely public. Not the case so far, we're still in the speed limit zone AFAIK!

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