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I'm glad that my book was helpful!

So yes you can allocate a specific routing task to a party (so this could be an 
external contractor). If you simply want to send them the wood and then book it 
into stock when it comes back (or give them access to the system to book it in 
when they are finished), that works.

It also depends on how you want to track the costs of their work. Do you want 
to track their work costs as part of the production process ? (so you can 
estimate what their bill will be?) or do you trust them to bill you correctly 
for the work they do?

If you want to track the potential costs as part of the production run then you 
could look at setting up some costing that is based on the time spent for the 
routing (e.g. rate per minute or hour etc). As part of completing their work, 
they would need to record how much time they spent working on it.

You could then use the estimated cost to cross check against the actual invoice 
sent by the subcontractor.

Hope this helps.


On 2018/02/13 09:18:42, Giulio Speri - MpStyle Srl <giulio.sp...@mpstyle.it> 
> Hello everyone!
> I'm writing because I would need some clarifications about MRP and
> Manufacturing, in particular with the process of subcontract-working.
> I read Sharan's book on the argument, it's really well made, but I would
> need some extra details.
> Reading the book I understood that, in the process of manufacturing a
> finished good (a table for example), a list of task can be set up, each
> representing a specific step required to make the finished good.
> Now, I am focused on that tasks that can be subcontracted to an external
> worker.
> Using the example of building a table:
> one of the tasks of the process, could be my company X that supplies wood
> to an external worker Y, that cut it and give back to me the finished
> wooden board.
> Then my company can proceed with the other manufacturing tasks.
> At the end, the external worker Y should bill the total cost of his working
> process to my company X.
> Is that correct or I missed something?
> Has anybody had to handle sub-contract work with an external supplier with
> OFBiz in a similar scenario?
> Thanks in advance to all for help,
> Kind Regards,
> Giulio
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