​Hi all,

thank you very much for your answers and sorry for my late answer.
In these days I am evaluating, along with my colleagues, the Manufacturing
and MRP module of OFBiz against the same module on our ERP, to exactly know
the differences between two systems, in order to put down a list of
requirements to develop/integrate.

I'll keep you up to date.

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2018-02-16 6:45 GMT+01:00 Karamjeet Kaur <karamjeet.k...@viithiisys.com>:

> Hi Giulio,
> You can use the "supplies wood Y" as a BOM (Manufacturing Bill of
> Materials). It depends on how much quantity of BOM's use to Manufacturing
> the X product as well as use the Production Run between the time of
> Manufacturing the X product (finished good). It's depend on the status of
> Production Run.
> -> If BOM not available in a stock Production run in creating status.
> -> If BOM available in stock Production run in process status.
> -> The production run is closed after X product (finished good) is ready.
> The total cost of Manufacturing the X product is based on Unit Cost of BOM
> 'S and quantity to be used for Manufactured the X product.
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> Karam

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