On 19/09/2016 12:15, Mani, Vellingiri (Nokia - IN) wrote:

Thanks Francesco!!

After adding username, it works.

Glad it helped :-)

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On 19/09/2016 12:03, Mani, Vellingiri (Nokia - IN) wrote:


    Currently, I am evaluating syncope for our usage. I would need to
    do bulk user creation from REST. I started to create single user
    from REST client and it fails.

    From postman, I tried to create a user with below inputs. I get
    '400 Bad Request'.

    If there is anything wrong in the request, please correct me. Is
    all fields mandatory during user creation.

    POST -

    Basic Auth - admin/password

    Content-type: application/json



      "@class": "org.apache.syncope.common.lib.to.UserTO",

      "creator": "admin",

      "lastModifier": "admin",

      "key": "rest1",

      "type": "USER",

      "realm": "/",

      "status": "Active",

      "auxClasses": [],

      "plainAttrs": [],

      "derAttrs": [],

      "virAttrs": [],

      "resources": []


you should remove (not troublesome, just ignored):

* creator
* lastModifier
* key
* status

About what is mandatory, I can see there is no username.
Moreover, it depends on how you can your schemas and classes configured.

Please also take a look at logs to figure out what might go wrong.


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