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The present "hashtag" problem is is symptomatic of the entire OO software suite. An ordinary user of OO, doing ordinary things w/ a word processor or other office-suite software, suddenly gets something that is really screwy, & doesn't know what to do to fix it. Much of their production gets lost, or else, they spend a lot of time attempting to get their WP document or spreadsheet the way they want it by trying again & again to get around built-in or default features (or bugs!) of OO that they don't understand or know how to modify (& OO documentation, as I have found, is meager & inadequate). Unless you're a long-time & dedicated user, the OO suite never seems to do quite what you'd like it to do & you usually can't figure out how to fix things ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER W/ YOUR EXISTING SOFTWARE. One has to have the ability to fix things quickly on their own w/o "going to the experts" every time a problem w/ OO arises! For the casual user, the OO product appears flawed. People who use any software product want to spend their time & creativity on what they are developing, rather than spending time & effort on issues associated w/ the tool they are using to develop it. OO office software needs much effort to make it more efficient, largely error-free, & much more user friendly.

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Maybe, I'm an anomaly here, but I've never had any of these issues at all. Generally, I work on a MacBook Air with the current up to date OS. I do also create PDFs so that I can work on documents on my iPhone in Pages. Using the iPhone is usefully for last minute work for me.

I've thought about good version options for other iOS devices such as the iPad Air which I intend to purchase. I work scrips and other technical documents so it is essential for me to use best practices to prevent loss of work.

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I don't know if it can be retrieved; for whatever it's worth, I've had that happen too once or twice so now I always create a PDF copy of everything I do in OO.

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Subject: All essay text turned to hashtags

Please help
My daughter has written a 2000 word essay. She saved it and then when she opened it again the whole text has turned into hashtags...can anything be done?

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