On 08/09/2017 07:48 PM, Stephen Nichols wrote:

> 2)  I absolutely LOVE the “reveal codes” function of WP.
> But … Why can’t/won't OpenOffice add a similar feature?

What problem do you think "Reveal Codes" solves.

I mean something other the fact that the developers of WP couldn't write
bug free code. (Reveal Codes was a quick fix to enable users to fix the
presentation markup errors that Wp put into their documents, due to bad
coding in their software.)

Robert wrote:

>Many people have said that it's impossible. A couple of people have
worked on macros that demonstrate that it is possible

Not impossible, but crafting either internal code, or an extension to
display "Reveal Codes" per se, is probably a waste of programmer resources.

Johnny wrote:

>I think someone built an add-on for this many years ago, but I'm not sure

I used an add-on with OOo 1.1.3-ZA Write, and a different add-on for OOo
1.1.3 Calc.

IIRC, Ian's macro didn't provide editing functionality.


If one configures the stylist side-bar, and formatting tool bar
appropriately, one can get virtually all of the functionality of Reveal


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