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> On Thu, 10 Aug 2017, Stephen Nichols wrote:
> > Let me clarify.  The “codes” revealed are not what your thinking of — tags 
> > with bracketed text, XML code, etc..  I think that the viewing option 
> > should more properly be called “Reveal Structure” since it simply shows 
> > what formatting instruction has been given and where, specifically things 
> > like, typeface and size, indentations, line spacing, etc..
> You're right that what is wanted is not an exact display of the actual 
> internal coding but rather some visual indication of what's going on.
> To me the value of RevealCodes in WordPerfect was not just in seeing 
> the structure but in therefore being able to position the cursor 
> before or after (or inside or outside of) a particular style. This 
> would be just as useful in OO and LO.
> - Robert

If one turns on /Format /Styles and Formatting, it clearly indicates the 
current formatting style at the cursor position.

/View /Non printing characters is helpful in showing spacing and paragraph/line 

Rory O'Farrell <ofarr...@iol.ie>

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