As far as I can tell, neither of these things helps what I'm
referring to. As an example: let's say you apply the Emphasis
character style to a sequence of characters, and then later want to
add some following characters that don't have that style. If you just
position your cursor after the last styled character, the text you add
will also be styled. You need to position your cursor after the first
_unstyled_ character that follows, insert your new text, and then back
up and delete that first unstyled (and now unwanted) character. With
RevealCodes turned on in WordPerfect, you would just position your
cursor after the end-of-style indicator and start entering unstyled

well, the only difference is that you may NOT be able to position the cursor outside of the formatting mark. something that reveals the codes would clearly show that this is the case. So, what you would need to do is to place the cursor as close as you can get, and then manually set / change the style. The only functionality that you are missing is things such as:

1. An ability to force the cursor past a formatting mark or style, which may not be possible to do with AOO. No, really. 2. The ability to delete a formatting mark from within "reveal codes" window. I think you could do that in WP anyway.

Both of these could be worked around in a native version of the capability, but, for now, that is not available, and, I do not expect it to be available anytime soon since I have not heard that anyone was working on it. So, the question is, (1) how can you request that it be added [open a request] and (2) how can you use what is currently available to solve your existing "problem" to accomplish your goal. The way that I usually work around this is by placing the cursor where I want it and start typing. if it starts working in Bold, and I don't want bold, then I highlight it and make it not bold (as one example). Would it be faster to press the "show me codes" key, move the cursor, then type? Maybe. I don't think that we have the problem with empty tags in AOO that we had in WP, so I don't think that you need to use it to remove empty tags.

So, you might want to find that reveal codes macro (I think that someone had a link to it) and give that a try, see about opening a feature request, and, if you are unsure how to work around a specific behavior, describe it.

It will not be the same, even if someone can carefully defines how it should work in AOO (because it cannot be exactly the same because of styles). Best of luck


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