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> I used WordPerfect for 15 years because of two reasons, besides that it’s
> a great product.
> 1)  I hate Microsoft.
> 2)  I absolutely LOVE the “reveal codes” function of WP.  It is the most
> powerful tool in word processing, eliminating all sorts of bad formatting
> issues.
> I can’t easily use WP anymore since all of our computers have gone to Macs
> and Corel won’t come back with their Mac version.  I find OpenOffice a very
> suitable replacement.  But … Why can’t/won't OpenOffice add a similar
> feature?

I think someone built an add-on for this many years ago, but I'm not sure
if it still works. Or maybe it was made for LibreOffice, I don't remember.

Apache OpenOffice is built around styles, kind of. This has its obvious
advantages, especially when you want consistent documents and it's very
easy to make huge changes very quickly, for instance in a few clicks change
the font size for all headers in hundreds of pages at once. I use styles
all the time and I never needed ”reveal codes” and I'm pretty sure I'll
never need them.

Anyway, if that add-on can't be found or if it doesn't work with newer
versions of Apache OpenOffice, and if you don't want to adapt to styles,
then I would say that Apache OpenOffice is not for you. Pick something
else. This discussion has been up quite a few times and it seems obvious to
me that this feature will never ever be implemented in Apache OpenOffice,
nor in LibreOffice. At least that's what I think.

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

> Stephen Nichols
> Aldie, Virginia
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