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In your configuration you have rloc-probing enabled. The xTR node is sending probe messaged to the PeTR node but it doesn't receive any reply and after three retries it sets the RLOC of the PeTR to not reachable. In that moment you can not forward traffic to the PeTR. Why do you have configured the same IP for Map Server, Map Resolver and PeTR/PiTR? Notice that we don't have implemented yet the PeTR/PiTR functionality. If you are using OOR as a Map Server, when it receive the probe messages he drops the packet as it should not receive this class of messages.

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On 18/09/16 00:21, Holger Zuleger wrote:
Hi Albert,

We have fixed the error you found. You can find the downloads here
Thank you very much for the fix.

<https://github.com/OpenOverlayRouter/oor/wiki/Downloads>. Please, let
me know if it works properly now.
Sorry for the delay, I had some difficulties to install the new pkg. (To
be honest, I didn't saved the oor config before installing the new pkg.)

Seems that it works like a charm now. No crash seen so far... But...

Actually I'm running in a different problem. I can't send any (IPv6)
packets out. The debug message says:

[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: Destination 2a02:2e0:3fe:1001:7777:772e:2:85
has a NEGATIVE mapping!
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: Forwarding packet to PeTR
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: fb_get_fw_entry: No DST locators available
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: tr_get_fwd_entry: No PETR compatible with
local locators afi
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: ttable_insert: Inserted tupla: Src_addr:
2a03:3e00:ff01:1:8ccc:8bf0:6510:3ef4, Dst addr: 2a02:2e0:3fe:1001:7
777:772e:2:85, Proto: 58, Src Port: 0, Dst Port: 0

[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: Forwarding native to destination
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-2: tun_forward_native: No output interface for
afi 10

I have no native IPv6 on the box, so the traffic has to be send to a
PeTR, which is configured (see below).

But the next message confuses me: "No PETR compatible with local locator
afi"? I guess it means that the PeTR address family is different to the
address family of the rloc address. But this is not the case.

I have

config 'rloc-iface'
         option   'name'                 'pppwan'
         option   'interface'            'pppoe-wan'
         option   'ip_version'           '4'
         option   'priority'             '1'
         option   'weight'               '5'

config 'proxy-etr'
         option   'address'              ''
         option   'priority'             '1'
         option   'weight'               '100'


Any idea what’s wrong with it?

Many thanks for your help

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