Hi again,

>> In your configuration you have rloc-probing enabled. The xTR node is

>> sending probe messaged to the PeTR node but it doesn't receive any reply
>> and after three retries it sets the RLOC of the PeTR to not reachable.
> Ok, makes sense. Sorry this is something I could/should have found out
> myself.

> I will test the proposed config change later today and give you a
> feedback if it was successful.
Indeed this was the problem. Turning off the probing solved it.

But I was a bit confused why the PeTR are not responding to the probe
messages, and turned the lisp debugging on.

When the oor router sends a probe message...

[2016/9/19 22:29:33] DEBUG: Retry Map-Request Probe for locator and EID: (2 retries)

I see something like this in the Cisco debug (the timers are not
consistently, but I'm pretty sure that the output is related to the
probe message):

Sep 19 21:29:23.957: LISP: Received map request for IID 0,
source_eid UNSPEC, ITR-RLOCs:, records 1, nonce
0x203CFDA2-0x77FCFDBB, probe
Sep 19 21:29:23.957: LISP: Processing map request record for EID prefix
Sep 19 21:29:23.957: LISP-0: IID 0 No local EID prefix covering map
request for

Later on the oor router give up with:
[2016/9/19 22:29:38] DEBUG: rloc_probing: No Map-Reply Probe received
for locator and EID: -> Locator state changes

So two question came up in my mind
1) Is the common way to probe a PeTR to send a map request for EID, and why is the src_EID unspecified?
2) Does it mean I have to install a local mapping for this on the PeTR
router? And if yes how does it look like?

Best Regards

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