Hi all,

What I like:

  • It´s open!
  • both "thin" oVirt node and "fat" Linux+VDSM.
  • Browser based GUI, Firefox supported.
  • Spice console works just fine!

What I really would like to include in the coming releases:

  • Option to resize disk in user interface and CLI.
  • Import, upload, raw and qcow2 images from the web gui and CLI. Importing VMDK (vmWare) would be nice as well.
  • Upload ISO from the web gui.
  • What about exporting raw and qcow2 images (and convert to vmdk)...
  • Option to disable "This Browser version isn't optimal for displaying the application". Ater 10 times it gets anoying.
  • Better recovery for the ISO and export domains. Currently, if I keep my export domain  connected a crashing server might cause problems. After creating a new server en reconnecting the old export or iso domain, it will say "it is allready connected to another domain". The export domain is such a nice way to backup important templates and virtual machines :)
  • Multiple ISO domains.
  • Both export and ISO domains on local storage, iSCSI, CIFS etc.

Looking forward to the new release!


Op 03-01-13 17:08, Itamar Heim schreef:
Hi Everyone,

as we wrap oVirt 3.2, I wanted to check with oVirt users on what they find good/useful in oVirt, and what they would like to see improved/added in coming versions?

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Users mailing list

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