Hi folks,

I'm a complete OVirt newbie trying to set up a self hosted, single server and 
looking for some pointers to get going... (While new to OVirt, I'm long time 
sysadmin so not totally clueless.)

The server I'm using has a 4-core CPU, 64 GB of ram, and a pair of 500 GB SSDs 
set up with RAID 1 and running CentOS 7.2. (I do not have physical access to 
the server but can get KVM access when required.)

The goal is to set up this server as a self hosted, single server OVirt 
platform. Nothing mission critical, just want to be able to spin up VMs when 
needed and destroy them afterwards.

Trying to use OVirt 4.0.4 (now 4.0.5).

I've read some docs for setting this up including those just below as well as a 
bunch of googling and reading through the list archive.


Every time I execute "hosted-engine --deploy" the process "hangs" when it 
migrates the public IP address to a virtual nic interface. And in this case, by 
"hang" I mean that I lose the connection to the server. I have no idea if the 
process finishes or errors out.

So obviously I'm doing something wrong.

I suspect that I need to take care of some network requirement before starting. 
However, I can't find anything in the docs of how to prep the server network 
environment before running "hosted-engine --deploy". 

Should probably also mention that some, if not all of the VMs will need a 
public IP address. The physical server has a /29 to get started.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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