On 2016-11-19 11:28, Joop wrote:
I have never setup such a server but if you create the ovirtmgmt bridge
first then the deploy will leave it alone and you won't lose network

I've set up almost the described combination (I do run the vm-engine on a separate laptop), and found that running the commandline stuff in a screen helps a lot, the setup commands can then complete instead of being interrupted as your (ssh-)session is killed.

I also enountered the same issue of network connection loss as the ovirtmgmt-interface took over my primary connection, but I was able to continue as I had several network devices on my hardware which I had already configured, and was able to access the server through them.

If you only have one network interface, then I would recommend running the commands in a screen, and in the case of losing the connection, reconnect to the screen through the KVM.

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