On 18-11-2016 23:47, Mark Steckel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm a complete OVirt newbie trying to set up a self hosted, single server and 
> looking for some pointers to get going... (While new to OVirt, I'm long time 
> sysadmin so not totally clueless.)
> The server I'm using has a 4-core CPU, 64 GB of ram, and a pair of 500 GB 
> SSDs set up with RAID 1 and running CentOS 7.2. (I do not have physical 
> access to the server but can get KVM access when required.)
> The goal is to set up this server as a self hosted, single server OVirt 
> platform. Nothing mission critical, just want to be able to spin up VMs when 
> needed and destroy them afterwards.
> Trying to use OVirt 4.0.4 (now 4.0.5).
> I've read some docs for setting this up including those just below as well as 
> a bunch of googling and reading through the list archive.
>    http://www.ovirt.org/documentation/how-to/hosted-engine/
>    http://www.ovirt.org/develop/release-management/features/heapplianceflow/
> http://www.ovirt.org/blog/2016/08/up-and-running-with-ovirt-4-0-and-gluster-storage/
> Every time I execute "hosted-engine --deploy" the process "hangs" when it 
> migrates the public IP address to a virtual nic interface. And in this case, 
> by "hang" I mean that I lose the connection to the server. I have no idea if 
> the process finishes or errors out.
> So obviously I'm doing something wrong.
> I suspect that I need to take care of some network requirement before 
> starting. However, I can't find anything in the docs of how to prep the 
> server network environment before running "hosted-engine --deploy". 
> Should probably also mention that some, if not all of the VMs will need a 
> public IP address. The physical server has a /29 to get started.
I have never setup such a server but if you create the ovirtmgmt bridge
first then the deploy will leave it alone and you won't lose network


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