Thanks all who have responded so far.

Advice so far seems to be:
* Use 'screen' when deploying. Easy
* Don't use/disable Network-Manager. Easy
* Preconfigure the ovirtmgmt bridge. I've got questions...

The server has a public /32 as the primary IP, and a public /29 which will be 
used for the VMs.

Besides creating the ovirtmgmt bridge is there anything specific for how I 
should configure it?


----- Paul-Erik Törrönen <> wrote:
> On 2016-11-19 11:28, Joop wrote:
> > I have never setup such a server but if you create the ovirtmgmt bridge
> > first then the deploy will leave it alone and you won't lose network
> > connectivity.
> I've set up almost the described combination (I do run the vm-engine on 
> a separate laptop), and found that running the commandline stuff in a 
> screen helps a lot, the setup commands can then complete instead of 
> being interrupted as your (ssh-)session is killed.
> I also enountered the same issue of network connection loss as the 
> ovirtmgmt-interface took over my primary connection, but I was able to 
> continue as I  had several network devices on my hardware which I had 
> already configured, and was able to access the server through them.
> If you only have one network interface, then I would recommend running 
> the commands in a screen, and in the case of losing the connection, 
> reconnect to the screen through the KVM.
> My 0.02€
> Poltsi
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