On Mon, November 21, 2016 4:30 pm, Mark Steckel wrote:
>> >> > Advice so far seems to be:
>> >> > * Use 'screen' when deploying. Easy
>> >> > * Don't use/disable Network-Manager. Easy
>> >> > * Preconfigure the ovirtmgmt bridge. I've got questions...
>> >> >
>> >> > The server has a public /32 as the primary IP, and a public /29
>> which
>> >> > will be used for the VMs.
>> >> >
>> >> > Besides creating the ovirtmgmt bridge is there anything specific
>> for
>> >> > how I should configure it?
> Yeah, I was hoping that would be the case for me too. :-)

For what it's worth, it took me about 4 tries to get it all working.
I wound up using a script I found to clean the host and re-install it all.
 Of course the cleanup process let the firewall in a state where it
blocked all traffic (including SSH), but I figured that part out on the
2nd try so added it back into my script for the 3rd.  ;)

The other difference is that I had already created a bond0 interface which
was my default (with a non-NM-controlled static network).  However, that
shouldn't have made a difference.

>> What did your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<dev> file look like?
>> (And what does the ifcfg-ovirtmgmt file look like)?
> Sadly, thinking I messed things up I scrubbed the machine and started
> over. I have a fresh CentOS 7.2 install waiting to run 'hosted-engine
> --deploy' on it once I have a better sense what if anything I need to
> prepare from a networking stand point.

Okay, so go and try it!  :)

Worst case, you need to run hosted-engine-cleanup.sh and then reset the
firewall and reboot, and then re-install everything:


>> >> As for the /29 -- don't worry about it now, that would be a routing
>> >> issue you can apply later.  Is it the same network as the /32?  Or is
>> it
>> >> a different network?
>> >
>> > Different.
>> I assume both networks are available on your host interface?
> At this point only the /32 is on the host interface. The /29 is not
> assigned at the moment.

You shouldn't need to "assign" anything in the /29 to the host.  All
that's important is that the physical network can reach the /29.  I.e.,
you could do something like:

     /32           /32        /29
router ----------- host ----  VMs

The host will bridge the network to the VMs, but it can be on a different

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