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I have found the answer:
It is not possible to create durable subscriptions dynamically with
QPid/AMQ v1.0 due to:

Unsupported features and restrictions

The following restrictions exist when using JMS over AMQP 1.0 with Service
Bus, namely:

    - Only one MessageProducer or MessageConsumer is allowed per Session. If
    you need to create multiple MessageProducers or MessageConsumers in an
    application, create a dedicated Session for each of them.
    - Volatile topic subscriptions are not currently supported.
    - MessageSelectors are not currently supported.
    - Temporary destinations, i.e., TemporaryQueue, TemporaryTopic are not
    currently supported, along with the QueueRequestor and TopicRequestor APIs
    that use them.
    - Transacted sessions and distributed transactions are not supported.

If required then need to use Azure SB API

Just to clarify, for my own education, for topic subscriptions you need to set up a subscription statically and you can then use an address of the form <<topic-name>>/Subscriptions/<<subscription-name>> to consume from it, correct?

But you cannot dynamically create subscriptions by an AMQP link attach.

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