On 10/08/17 17:55, Robbie Gemmell wrote:
I dont think any of the points on unsupported features below actually
relate to what you are seeing, with it instead just being a difference
in what the AMQP JMS Mapping does for passing JMS subscription
details, versus the approach Service Bus is using/expecting.

I *think* one key difference is that with service bus you have to first create the subscription (and you can't do that through AMQP?) before you can consume from it.

 From what you outlined, it appears that ServiceBus uses a
vendor-specific address format to pass both a topic name and a
subscription name when attaching a receiving link, whereas the JMS
client on the other hand attaches to the given topic address and uses
receiver link naming to pass its subscription details, with this
difference presumably being why you see a 'not-found' error from Azure
when you dont include the subscription name in the receiver address.

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