Hi Alex,

Here is the steps and result (i spent some time but could not find a resolution) :

git clone https://github.com/apache/royale-asjs.git

cd royale-asjs

git checkout feature/MXRoyale

mvn celan

Result :

07.04.2018 17:51 tarihinde Alex Harui yazdı:
Hi Serkan,

That would be great.  We need the help.

We have a wiki page about Emulation components here [1].
And one person has been learning how to help in this long thread[2].

[1] has an API list, but it does not take into account your API usage.  If
you want to integrate your list with the current list, that might be

Let us know if you have other questions or need help getting started.


[1] https://github.com/apache/royale-asjs/wiki/emulation-components

On 4/7/18, 4:17 AM, "Serkan Taş" <serkan....@likyateknoloji.com> wrote:

Hi Alex,

I am going to be happy to help you and can try to do something valuable
for the process of emulation creation.


07.04.2018 09:20 tarihinde Alex Harui yazdı:
Hi Serkan,

You are correct that are several buttons.  Basic Button just creates a
simple HTML <button>.  There are limits to how nice you can make it
Other buttons try to make nicer looking buttons that you can control
aspects of the visuals.

We are in the process of creating even more buttons that emulate the
popular APIs on MX and Spark Button.  It might be better for you to help
us create and polish these emulations.  Then you may not have to change
your code as much.


On 4/6/18, 1:05 PM, "Serkan Taş" <serkan....@likyateknoloji.com> wrote:


I see that there are several buttons, js, svg and now j. I was using mx
and s ones previously.

I am not sure which one fits best, need advice.

Second one, is there any equivalent of Form and FormItem structure ?

It is takin time tp make the examples work on moonshine and check for
the needed component if exist and then learn :)

Thanks in advance



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