I think I pulled the important pieces from the thread into the wiki page:


I didn't bring in advice on how to create a Pull Request since I've never
gone through it myself.  Someone else is welcome to add more info on that.


On 4/7/18, 11:59 PM, "Alex Harui" <aha...@adobe.com> wrote:

>Hi Serkan,
>I updated with wiki page with important info from the mailing list thread.
> I ran out of time so I will do more updates tomorrow around this time.
>On 4/7/18, 1:59 PM, "Serkan Taş" <serkan....@likyateknoloji.com> wrote:
>>Hi Alex,
>>I already started reading on the thread about emulation. First i need to
>>understand the way through the conversation on emulation.
>>Next step may be the addition of my API's to the list after working on
>>some API'S already listed.
>>07.04.2018 17:51 tarihinde Alex Harui yazdı:
>>> Hi Serkan,
>>> That would be great.  We need the help.
>>> We have a wiki page about Emulation components here [1].
>>> And one person has been learning how to help in this long thread[2].
>>> [1] has an API list, but it does not take into account your API usage.
>>> you want to integrate your list with the current list, that might be
>>> useful.
>>> Let us know if you have other questions or need help getting started.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Alex
>>> [1] 
>>> [2]
>>> f764dc9b4f0cb0e33a@%3Cusers.royale.apache.org%3E
>>> On 4/7/18, 4:17 AM, "Serkan Taş" <serkan....@likyateknoloji.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Alex,
>>>> I am going to be happy to help you and can try to do something
>>>> for the process of emulation creation.
>>>> Serkan
>>>> 07.04.2018 09:20 tarihinde Alex Harui yazdı:
>>>>> Hi Serkan,
>>>>> You are correct that are several buttons.  Basic Button just creates
>>>>> simple HTML <button>.  There are limits to how nice you can make it
>>>>> look.
>>>>> Other buttons try to make nicer looking buttons that you can control
>>>>> more
>>>>> aspects of the visuals.
>>>>> We are in the process of creating even more buttons that emulate the
>>>>> most
>>>>> popular APIs on MX and Spark Button.  It might be better for you to
>>>>> us create and polish these emulations.  Then you may not have to
>>>>> your code as much.
>>>>> HTH,
>>>>> -Alex
>>>>> On 4/6/18, 1:05 PM, "Serkan Taş" <serkan....@likyateknoloji.com>
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> I see that there are several buttons, js, svg and now j. I was using
>>>>>> and s ones previously.
>>>>>> I am not sure which one fits best, need advice.
>>>>>> Second one, is there any equivalent of Form and FormItem structure ?
>>>>>> It is takin time tp make the examples work on moonshine and check
>>>>>> the needed component if exist and then learn :)
>>>>>> Thanks in advance
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> Serkan.

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