I'm still here, but truly just lurking.  No real leads for you, though, 
at least with only that much info.

Tony Harris
Director of Academic Technology
Community College of Vermont
(802) 828-2975
We are 50 years old! https://fifty.ccv.edu

Dwirze skí, évárre kólex.
(One by one droplets, eventually an ocean.)
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On 20-01-13 17:54, Rion D'Luz wrote:
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> Hail Vaguers!
> For the past number of years this listserv has been
> (almost exclusively) a BOSSI announcement forum and
> Paul's 1x/weekly post.
> Any oldtimers still subscribed? Anybody still out there?
> If so, I'm hoping someone might know of an app dev
> who has time/interest in being pitched a new idea/BPlan.
> These last years I've been doing digital signage
> (DOOH) and faring rather well, am moving on to other
> pastures. I have something in mind that I feel might
> have great potential and am looking for partners.
> Any leads you can share are most appreciated!

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