> > Hey, one of my clients bought a domain which was previously held by
> > someone else.  This of course meant that lots and lots of spammers were
> > sending mails to a couple addresses on that domain, and he'd like to be
> > able to mark certain explicit addresses for bouncing, while retaining the
> > functionality of having all other misdirected mails sent to the
> > postmaster. In short, while he'd like to be receiving the folks who
> > misspell his name, he'd very much like not to be getting the spam sent
> > consistently to a certain pair of addresses which no longer exist at his
> > domain.

> What I would like to see is a update made to the qmail smtp daemon
> so it will  look up the email account and return a "failure 500" message.
> Then by default, the email addresses that don't match would be
> failed and "hopefully" cleaned from the bulk mail lists.

There already is a "badrcptto" patch for qmail.  I have it in my mail server, 
along with TLS, some mime bounce fixes and so on.  I believe it is located at 


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