> Just out of genuine curiosity, were you actually seeing problems that
> required each of those patches?  I've been running a
> qmail/vpopmail/sqwebmail/qmailadmin setup for the past year now and have
> yet to actually find need for a patch.

Not problems per se, but rather features I would like to have in the MTA.  
Things like badrcptto and properly bouncing MIME messages are important, and 
TLS is always good to have.

The patches like ext-todo and qmtpc help with scalability, while badrcptto, 
tarpit, nullenvsender, qmail-queue  and so on help with antispam/antivirus.

qmail is a damned fine MTA, as I am sure everyone on this list already knows.  
As most on this list also know, it does have several shortcomings with its 
operation "in the real world."  DJB isn't interested in further maintaining a 
"perfect" MTA, hence the need for the patches.


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