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> Il 09:13, venerdý 7 febbraio 2003, Rhett Hermer ha scritto:
> > If djb doesn't want to improve qmail with all of those
> patches et al, then
> > what's stopping us to write new MTA based on qmail design?
> Is there any
> > restriction that I am not aware of?
> I don't think that anybody here want to write
> yet_another_mta, probably if
> somebody is unhappy with qmail it will pass to postfix.
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Not to mention there are those of us that don't want 300 patches
integrated into qmail.  Patches should be used on an as-needed basis,
not simply because they exist.  And even then, it's highly recommended
that one look for an add-on app that will supply the requested feature
instead of patching the qmail source.


Robert Kropiewnicki

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