> I just use vpopmail and tcpserver here.  Was that insufficient for your
> needs or does the method you describe offer something more/different?  I
> have quite a few concurrent pop3 users (maybe 50-70, not 100 [yet]) and
> maybe half of that in IMAP sessions but haven't run into any problems with
> tcprules.

The problem is with the common setup for qmail/vpopmail on big/medium servers, 
i mean: 2 (minimum) real server that offer smtp+pop3+webmail, 1 mysql server 
and 1 NFS server that share the /home/vpopmail/domains to the realserver.
In this common case if you want that one client that authenticate in rs1 (real 
server 1) can relaying even in rs2, so you must put tcp.smtp(.cdb) in the NFS 
share, when you have a lot of connections the .cdb must be recompiled for 
every connection so this work vi NFS begin to get slow.
If you have a lot of connection you can use the patch by Matt Simerson 
http://matt.simerson.net/computing/mail/ to make ucspi-tcp not use tcp.smtp 
but the mysql db.
If you have only one qmail server (so local disk) or a SAN server the 
smtp-after-pop feature would not be a problem, but with a NAS (nfs servers) 
all this unnecessary network traffic could slow down the server.


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