If djb doesn't want to improve qmail with all of those patches et al, then
what's stopping us to write new MTA based on qmail design? Is there any
restriction that I am not aware of?

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> > Just out of genuine curiosity, were you actually seeing problems that
> > required each of those patches?  I've been running a
> > qmail/vpopmail/sqwebmail/qmailadmin setup for the past year now and have
> > yet to actually find need for a patch.
> There's a lot of needs that plain qmail doesn't suite our needs, i can
> you someone:
> - spam prevention, with plain qmail do you have only
> some patches make qmail use badmailto to filter against destination, regex
> badmailfrom/badmail to block particular domain or name, tarpitting to make
> large-isp with a lot of ip enabled to relaying not too much vulnerable to
> spam.
> - content filtering: with qmail you cannot pass all emails to an external
> filter (like perl script) to customize/filter the messages. With content
> filter i intend virus filtering too
> - smtp-auth-relaying: useful for big lan with some external users
> - smtp-after-pop: vpopmail feature that do this is good for small traffic
> network, but when you have 100 or more concurrent connection to the pop3
> cannot use binary file but you must use a database.
> I could tell some of other needs, but i think that this is enought.
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