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Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vpopmail 5.3.19

> > Exactly.  As in when your people add the new user, your billing table has
> > an expiry date.  Every week/month/whatever, a cron script runs which spits
> > out a list of users to be deleted, and that list is handed off to a cron
> > script running on the mail system which vdeluser's each one.
> I should add that how I described it is _exactly_ how we implement it.
> (mid-size ISP, around 15k-users)

Hi Andrew.

I understand that works for you, but I don't really think adding an expiry feature to 
vpopmail itself would hurt anything. Of
coarse, if you're using the monolithic MySQL table structure, then it would certainly 
add a good bit of data that has to be cached
in memory. But that's another debate, I think.

But I don't think it would break functionality for you, and it would probably add 
functionality that people with less friendly
billing programs (or no billing program at all) could appreciate.

However, I'd like to note here that I'd like any expiry feature to NOT automatically 
remove the user. I'd prefer to automate this
from cron, and have the option to write a script that possibly consults a database 
before physically removing the user.

But I WOULD like to see an expiry feature someday. When the expiry date rolls around, 
all of the user's ability to send, recieve,
etc... stops, but the user's maildir and account info stay intact until a cron script 
runs to delete anything that needs to be

And sure, I could just write this myself with PHP or Perl and a MySQL back end, but I 
think the expiry data is rather closely
related to the data that is already in the vpopmail database.

I guess it's just a matter of someone wanting to write a patch. If it's included, then 
I'd use it, but if it's not included, I'd
expect that most people would probably implement it with PHP or Perl because it's 
easier than C.

> Regards,
> Andrew

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