On Saturday 08 March 2003 00:45, Kari Suomela wrote:
> Friday March 07 2003 13:39, Steve Fulton wrote to Kari Suomela:
>  >>  SF> Define user expiry for me, I'm curious as to what you mean.
>  SF> confrontational, I'm simply curious if you're referring to a
>  SF> system
>  SF> where I clients e-mail account or domains expire at a certain
>  SF> date, or
>  SF> something else.
> We don't offer lifetime email accounts, so setting the accounts to
> expire automatically at the end of their term, is what we'd like to do.

but is this really something vpopmail should worry about? i guess we could add 
a new option to vadduser, like -x 2003-05-12  which then also adds the expire 
date to the vpopmail sql table. then you would have to run a script once a 
day "SELECT * FROM vpopmail WHERE expiredate < CURRENT_DATE" and calling 
vdeluser for every returned row.. an automated check every 
vdelivermail/vchkpw is uneccessary and just slows mail delivery down.


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