Also, how many other people would be interested in a feature like this?  My 
company doesn't offer lifetime accounts either.  When their contract is up, we 
remove the domain.  It seems like this would be an unneccesary complication.  
You could also write a simple perl script that would check a flat file, or 
database, or whatever and if that account has hit it's expiry, then run 
vmoduser against it and disable the account.  Still not sure why you'd want to 
disable over delete.



Quoting Justin Heesemann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Saturday 08 March 2003 00:45, Kari Suomela wrote:
> > Friday March 07 2003 13:39, Steve Fulton wrote to Kari Suomela:
> >  >>  SF> Define user expiry for me, I'm curious as to what you mean.
> >
> >  SF> confrontational, I'm simply curious if you're referring to a
> >  SF> system
> >  SF> where I clients e-mail account or domains expire at a certain
> >  SF> date, or
> >  SF> something else.
> >
> > We don't offer lifetime email accounts, so setting the accounts to
> > expire automatically at the end of their term, is what we'd like to do.
> but is this really something vpopmail should worry about? i guess we could
> add 
> a new option to vadduser, like -x 2003-05-12  which then also adds the expire
> date to the vpopmail sql table. then you would have to run a script once a 
> day "SELECT * FROM vpopmail WHERE expiredate < CURRENT_DATE" and calling 
> vdeluser for every returned row.. an automated check every 
> vdelivermail/vchkpw is uneccessary and just slows mail delivery down.
> -- 
> Regards
> Justin


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