Hi Kari,

>  CS> Personally, I think your billing system should be taking care of 
>  CS> the
>  CS> removal/suspension of accounts...
> How would you do it with vpopmail? System accounts are a different 
> story.

He was talking about "accounts", not "system accounts". It could have
meant "vpopmail accounts", or anything else.

Anyway, as pointed out a couple of times now:

* Nobody seems to need a user expiry feature in vpopmail

* Everybody that understands what you want suggests to use a cron job
  that deletes accounts that are obviously unused

* There are already working solutions actively in use that do it exactly
  that way

* Nobody seems to be willing to develop that feature

* You don't want or don't be able to do it yourself

Finally, this is Unix. You have a billing software that knows when an
account expires. You have vdeluser that deletes a user. What's missing
is the link between them, and that's a cron job as described above. We
can tell you the right direction, but we cannot do your very own job.

Following the Unix philosophy, we let every single tool do it's job, and
get powerful solutions by combining these tools. Don't expect us do put
bloat into the vpopmail code if a feature can be implemented easier and
even more logical and elegant outside of vpopmail.

If you still really want that feature to be added to vpopmail, pay a
programmer to develop a patch for you.

Please stop this thread now; it's all said.


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