On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 11:24, Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold wrote:
> Hi all,
>       I'm trying to set up courier imap and vpopmail...  I'm not sure about
> some configuration settings, however...  I've installed vpopmail and
> defined a default domain.  vpopmail *seems* to be working ok.
>       I need to set up courier-imap and I want the default-domain
> authentication to work.  So, can I use authmysql and authdaemon?  Or
> must I use authvchkpw?

Let me elaborate briefly...  I've been reading documentation, but there
is some confusion...  The INSTALL doc says not to use authvchkpw, but to
use authdb.  However, the README.authmysql.html file says not to use
mysql, but to use authvchkpw when dealing with vpopmail...

So do I follow this chain and use authdb, or use authvchkpw..  

I'm thinking authvchkpw....  should I use this with authdaemon?  Or is
it better by itself?

> Thanks,
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