On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 12:11, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> > Let me elaborate briefly...  I've been reading documentation, but there
> > is some confusion...  The INSTALL doc says not to use authvchkpw, but to
> > use authdb.  However, the README.authmysql.html file says not to use
> > mysql, but to use authvchkpw when dealing with vpopmail...
> I know what you mean. It IS confusing. You should mention that to Mr. Sam.

*nod*  I've got it all figured out now...  Makes sense now :)

> Never use authdaemon with vchkpw. It's buggy for some reason. Authentications
> will fail randomly and such. And yes, you should use authvchkpw.

Known bugs?  Hrm.. I didn't see anything in the known bugs section... 
No biggie tho...

I've configured and set it up using authvchkpw and it works perfectly. 
I've got vpopmail running in mysql replication mode too :)  I can
authenticate correctly and it appears to be working great!

Incidentally, I had previously asked (several weeks ago) about vpopmail
not allowing me to authenticate using only my username when the address
is in the default domain.  The reason it was failing was because I was
not using authvchkpwd...  I was using authmysql...  (and here I thought
I was being all cool because I could get it running..)

Well, we live and learn...  :)

Thanks all,

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