I was using simply hondaman as the username.  I just switched to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and I was able to retrieve my mail. However, a
couple questions still remain:

Why, when it was just "hondaman" as username for the domain fast-us.org,
was I getting a duplicate email for every incoming email sent to my
original account, hardcs.com?

Why was the username "hondaman" able to send email in the first place if
that wasn't a valid login?

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Are you using "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (or "hondaman%fast-us.org") as the 
POP/IMAP username (and not just "hondaman")?

On Tuesday, March 18, 2003, at 10:13  AM, hondaman wrote:

> I was using my email client to check to see if mail had arrived.
> In ~vpopmail/domains/fast-us.org/hondaman/Maildir/new appears to be 
> all the test emails I have sent, but cannot retrieve.
> Yes, I am using qmail-pop3d, and vchkpw
> Hondaman

Tom Collins

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