I run FreeBSD 4.8, Qmail, Vpopmail, Courier-imap, Qmail-scanner,
Spamassassin.  I just installed this over the weekend and got it working.
I received 506 emails today (Tuesday 5/27),  of that  74 emails was spam of
which 59 were caught and marked by Spamassassin,  There was 16 messages that
was spam that wasn't caught.    For the first day,  that is 79.73% accuracy.
That ain't too bad.

I have a client side rule for now to put spam marked by spamassassin in a
separate folder.  When I get better at configuration of spamassassin, I'll
have server side rules.   I have to figure out how Spamassassin is actually
configured to do some more advanced configuration.  I read the RTFM manualls
and it pointed to using user_prefs and/or local.cf file.  Doesn't appear any
of these conf files are around but ole well.   Lots of stuff to learn but
bottom line I didn't need to filter 59 messages today.  That is worth my

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> Can anyone suggest a good spam filter to use with vpopmail.  We are just
> getting killed on a couple of larger domains right now.
> Ross

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