Steve Schofield said:
> I run FreeBSD 4.8, Qmail, Vpopmail, Courier-imap, Qmail-scanner,
> Spamassassin.  I just installed this over the weekend and got it
> working. I received 506 emails today (Tuesday 5/27),  of that  74 emails
> was spam of which 59 were caught and marked by Spamassassin,  There was
> 16 messages that was spam that wasn't caught.    For the first day,
> that is 79.73% accuracy. That ain't too bad.
Wow!  Only 74 of the 506 e-mails were SPAM!?  Your ratio is lower than
mine!  The nicest feature in SA 2.5X is the Bayesian stuff.  When I first
upgraded from SA 2.31 to 2.53 (and then to 2.55) a lot of SPAM slipped
thru.  After running bayes for a week I was able to drop it SIGNIFICANTLY.
 A couple weeks after that and SA was catching nearly all the SPAM.  So
look into bayes for sure!

> I have a client side rule for now to put spam marked by spamassassin in
> a separate folder.
I'm running site-wide.  All SPAM gets pushed into the user's Junk-Mail
folder and also copied to another account that is used ONLY to hold SPAM
mail.  I review the alleged SPAM in the spam account, then run the bayes
classifier on it.  I then decided to route all high scoring SPAM straight
to /dev/null.  I now have most of my SPAM going to /dev/null and fewer
SPAMs going to the Junk-Mail folder.  Me likes :)

> When I get better at configuration of spamassassin,
> I'll have server side rules.   I have to figure out how Spamassassin is
> actually configured to do some more advanced configuration.  I read the
> RTFM manualls and it pointed to using user_prefs and/or file.
My is in /etc/mail/spamassassin but I'm running Linux so it may
be different under FreeBSD, donno.  Your should contain
white/blacklisted addresses and modifications to the standard SA behavior.
 For example, I have reduced my required hits from 5 to 4, changed the
SPAM LEVEL CHAR from "*" to "S" (for easier exp matching), etc.

SA is a beautiful thing.  But I 'spose we should move this off list as
this *IS* the vpopmail list :)


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