And just as a follow up...

I haven't tested this but setting the ENV variable within the smtp/run file and then over-riding it for specific IP's in the tcp.smtp file should work as well.



Rick Macdougall wrote:


It's BS. QS and vpopmail work just fine together. The ONLY issue is that the current vpopmail pop-before-smtp code doesn't write a QMAILQUEUE variable into the tcp.smtp file. Mostly harmless for outgoing email and a patch is available. If you are running smtp auth there is no problem.

Since qmail-smtpd is called WAY before vpopmail (in the .qmail-default file from qmail-local) there is no way vpopmail can be stripping anything except in the above case.

I'm not sure who started this myth but they should be tarred and feathered.

I've been over this a few times with Jason on the QS list and I'm still not sure how it got started.



Ross Davis - DataAnywhere wrote:

I had read the following on the qmail-scanner site
Software Integration Issues

Q-S doesn't work with Vpopmail Vpopmail basically strips out environment
variables set within the tcpserver SMTP rules file - specifically the
QMAILQUEUE environment variable. As it is responsible for starting
qmail-smtpd, that means Qmail-Scanner never gets called. This is really
a bug with Vpopmail, but a workaround is to set QMAILQUEUE within
/service/smtpd/run instead. However, you must realise that you will lose
Q-S functionality - such as altering Q-S components based on SMTP server
IP address, etc. This will only get worse...
Any thoughts on that?


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Ross Davis - DataAnywhere said:

Can anyone suggest a good spam filter to use with vpopmail. We are just getting killed on a couple of larger domains right now.

Can't think of a better filter than SpamAssassin (www.spamassassin.org). I'm using it in a vpopmail setup. It's dropped our spam levels down by 95-97%. One user reported getting over 100 spam e-mails a day now gets 0-4.

And SA has a VERY active user-base.


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